The Game of Truth is a board game like no other, the objective is to explore and discover truths about yourself and the other players through the course of game play. To progress in the game, one must answer philosophical conundrums, piercing personal questions, or engage in a pillow fight with the person next to you. Your beliefs, your stances, or you ability to do 10 push-ups will be challenged as you play the Game of Truth. Most board games are run in a linear fashion; the Game of Truth however, continues to be played once the game is put away. One will ponder the answers, the pauses, the facial expressions of the other players and wonder if they were being truthful. What was said? What was not said? Do you have what it takes to play The Game of Truth?



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The Game of Truth is not your average board game; it can be played many ways and its guiding goal: to find your personal truth in all things may pose a unique challenge.

You may:

Chip a tooth, lose a contact lens, sprain your thumb, get a black eye, throw out your back, twist your ankle, get a bloody nose etc. A whole host of bodily injury and harm may await you or:

You may have a lot of fun.

You may also:

Learn things about others, gain some self awareness, explore ideas that you never pondered before, find out things you did not know, things you did not want to know, things you know now but wish you could unknow about yourself and the people around you at the game board. This game may cause you to become closer to the other players and have a deeper understanding of each other than you ever thought possible before. This knowledge may be a force that draws you closer together. Or it could push you apart. One could potentially become very lonely after playing the Game of Truth. You may find yourself friendless, spouseless, jobless, homeless etc.

Or you may have a lot of fun.

That is, like all things in life, up to you.


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